Having a good time

I don’t really do fancy bios, so I’d rather speak from the heart and say that I’m just a guy that loves to make people dance. What started as an infatuation with cheap $10 Wal-Mart “Music Maker” programs would eventually become my passion (thanks to certain individuals who saw the potential in me, took me behind the scenes and showed me the ropes – they know who they are). What they’d bless me with would lead me to hold several residencies, perform at music festivals – and even have some of my [better] original music featured on the radio! In the end, it all circles back to the fun I’d discover in making people groove.

I was born in Queens, NY and raised in Miami, FL, so I grew up with boom bap, breakdancing, Afrika Bambaata, Miami bass music… and my father’s James Brown CD’s, haha! YOu can take me out of those scenes, but you can’t take what I love about those styles away from how they influence my style and approach to mixing whatever I’m playing. I caught the EDM bug in the early 2000’s – and as much as I enjoy sticking to EDM (particularly breaks, house music, and later on bass music), I’ve since then grown to expand catering said eclectic style and approach to open format* events over the years.

So please, follow my blog if you want to know more about me, my journey, or are even remotely curious read up on tricks of the trade I’ve learned over the years. A huge motivator of my blog back in the day was to reach out to locals who may have been curious about getting into DJing / production, to show them what worked for me and how I handled certain situations, since it can be pretty daunting once you put yourself out there. Believe it or not, despite the cool things I’ve done, I had no other experience in this industry aside from the brief hands-on experience my mentor had taught me. So the least I could do is share the blessing.

If you’re interested in booking me (or seeing me play over the years), I’ve uploaded video clips of various DJ sets to Youtube. Otherwise, if you’re looking to book me simply contact me here or on Facebook! Cheers!

*as far as any hip hop goes, I’m biased towards playing more 90’s-2000’s than say, Lil Uzi and Tekashi 69 – i.e., more dancy, upbeat music.
Kill Paris and myself
Some of the bigger artists I’ve performed and/or shared the stage with
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