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Back for the First Time!

Welcome to my new and improved website. It only took me 5+ years, but it finally took a worldwide health crisis for me to finally sit around long enough to get around to it. I’ll let the site speak for itself, but I guess to welcome the uninitiated – get comfortable, have a seat.

To keep it short – there was a major loss in my family so I found myself moving from one end of Florida to the other, after living on my own for about ten years. My bigger concern wasn’t so much starting over per se, but making sure everyone following me up there could keep track of my progress (since Facebook is a little stingy about that these days) while I’m in South Florida, and vice versa. Not only that but 2020 was 2020…

…So in the hypothetical case that I move again, I realized I wanted a swiss-army-knife, where EVERYONE can have access to my music and blog 24/7, as well as an “online business card” where prospective clients can see everything they need to know about me in a few clicks.

I borrowed a few pages (because I’m punny) from a few other sites I liked, particularly the Stanton Warriors (one of my all time favorite artists!), so I expanded upon that to make sure my site’s redesign hit all the right notes I need to step into 2021 with my best foot forward.

That being said, please make yourself at home and check in from time to time! Cheers!

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