Do you weddings?
Definitely. I’ve done dozens! Including a country-music themed one – so its safe to say that with enough time I’ll be well-prepared for any gig or theme.

How far will you travel?
It really depends on my schedule (and/or how many residencies I may have) at the time. Some years are slightly busier than others. Please fill out the form so I can let you know!

Do you only do EDM? Take requests?
I started in EDM, but began to take on many other genres / open format soon after. I like to find my “vibe” or “sound” in whatever music I play as I cater to their tastes, so it makes for a fun “oh I know you like this, but watch how it flows with this” dynamic that makes DJing such a gratifying interaction for me.

Also yes. Have wifi – will take requests, within reason.

How much do you cost?
I’m thankful I’ve been booked festivals, have held multiple residencies and have had some of my music / mixes featured on the radio. That being said, I’m not too big for weddings and parties of all sizes – no gig is too big or too small for me at this point. So long as we can make it work for me – I’m for it!